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The purpose of the charity master class was to get acquainted with chess, which contributes to the improvement of the general physical condition, as well as the education of national and patriotic values.

Multifaceted physical and intellectual education of the young generation plays an important role in today’s world and makes it possible to educate a conscious personality.

A Real Change

Those who are not able to build we try to give them a home which is a real challenge for us.

With Big Strength

It takes nothing to join the crowd, it takes everything to stand alone. So be a fountain not a drain.

Donate and Help

Your Small Donations Make A Bigger Impact On Someone’s Life, So please donate and help us.

Full Inspiration

We admire your compassion and commitment to assisting others. You are always willing to help us.

The Challenge

Coronavirus infection is a serious hazard to the world’s population. SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is a serious consequence that can arise in patients who have been infected with the coronavirus

COVID-19 is more prone to the propagation of the virus in nations with a high population density than in countries with a lower population density. As a result, defeating the Corona virus is a major challenge for us

The event was attended by Acting director of the Chernivtsi regional educational and rehabilitation center No. 1 Olena Bichikova, deputy director for educational work Galina Derenkova, educators and teachers of the institution, representative of the law firm “Kutsak and Partners” Olga Havrelyuk, Svitlana Duditska and Andriy Slobozhaninov.